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Magnum Wine Decanter Sale

Double Magnum Wine Decanter

The ultimate destination for quality Double Magnum Wine Decanters for real wine connoisseurs!

Magnums, Double-Magnums & Jeroboams

Seasoned wine connoisseurs prefer to buy double magnum, the large format bottles for wine and champagne. The double magnums, which are also known as Jeroboams, look really cool. Fact is, nothing can be quite so impressive as the opening of a Double Magnum. A double magnum bottle of wine or champagne has the capacity of storing 3 litres, which is the equivalent of four standard bottles. Since wine matures relative to the ratio of air to liquid in the bottle, a large container such as a double magnum ensures greater ripeness to the wine flavor. In short, Double Magnum bottles can ensure you better wine!
Double Magnum Wine Decanters Sale - Friday, July 1, 2016. 03:04:38 AM.
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Riedel Magnum Cabernet Decanter
Brand: Riedel
EAN: 0632868144260
Sales Rank: 27663
Price: $56.72 (new), $49.88 (used)
Made in Europe by Riedel, the world's most-renowned wineglass maker, this decanter allows sediment to settle, clarifying any red wine. Even with a young, sediment-free wine, the decanter makes a beautiful serving vessel by displaying the wine's color. It conforms to Riedel's exacting standards: colorless, transparent, and thin walled. It holds 64 ounces, ample for two 750-milliliter bottles of wine, and measures 11 inches high. Its graceful, outwardly curved neck provides a secure grip when pouring.
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Antoni Barcelona Hand-Painted Wine Decanter - Unique Gifts for Housewarming, Wedding, Anniversary, Retirement, Women, Men, Birthday, Couples - Wine, Whisky, Aerator-Pourer, Wine Accessories Set
Brand: Antoni Barcelona
EAN: 0784672455848
Sales Rank: 27972
Price: $39.00 (new)
Serving wine is all about presentation, and the exquisitely designed Antoni Barcelona decanter provides a worthy vessel for your finest vintage. Elevate your experience and honor your dinner guests by serving them with impressive style and distinction.

The use of decanters dates back to Roman times, and the basic design has changed little since its centuries-old inception. The decanter's wide body and long, graceful neck is carefully crafted to properly and fully aerate your wine, which releases the full array of scents and flavors. These vessels also have a more practical purpose - they separate any potential sediment from the liquid, ensuring each glass of wine is as close to perfect as possible.

Choose this stunning piece as a tasteful, useful gift for your favorite wine connoisseur, or keep it for yourself and take your next wine and cheese-tasting party to the next level. When taste matters - which is always - serve both your reds and your whites from the elegant Antoni Barcelona decanter.

Enhance your table at the same time dazzle your guests. Unique present for women, men and couples. Show that special someone that you care. The perfect gift for any Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming, Graduation, Engagement, Valentines, Romantic or as a gift to your self.

Top addition to personalized custom wine gift baskets that include other wine accessories, 750 ml whole bottles of red, white or blush wine. Amazing kitchen gift.

Impress bride and groom! Wife and husband will be delighted! Parents (mom and dad) will love them! Perfect gift ideas for her and him! These wine glasses make the perfect novelty gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, aunt, grandma, son, daughter, teacher, coworker, boss, client, nurse, in-laws, best friend, hostess, retirement, nurse, or bridesmaids - and much more!.

100% GUARANTEE >>> Click the "Add To Cart" Button above and start to enjoy your Wine Glasses today!

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Riedel Ouverture Magnum Glasses + Apple Decanter, Clear, Set of 7
Brand: Riedel
EAN: 9006206524389
Sales Rank: 57873
Price: $56.65 (new)
A new combination and at a terrific value, is the Overture magnum glass set of 6, plus the Riedel apple decanter in this special gift set. Created for giving or keeping to expand your own collection, this the perfect opportunity at a wonderful price to do either or both.
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Happy Hour Wine Aerator Decanter - Premium Quality Red Wine Aerating Decanter and Pourer and Breather
Brand: Happy Hour Accessories
EAN: 0638932415328
Sales Rank: 9722
Price: $10.99 (new)
HAPPY HOUR WINE AERATOR No more waiting. Conventional decanters take times to fully open up wine. Happy Hour simplified the problem by patent design aerator to shorten the time of breathing, so that our customers need only focus on the pleasurable aspects of drinking quality wine.
No Dripping The unique design From Happy Hour makes it the best fit for all wine bottles. Rubber stopper to ensure tight fit and no leakage.
Ergonomic design, easy to use and Easy disassembled for a quick and convenient clean-up.

  • Special design aerating chamber injects air bubbles directly into the wine. Dramatically improve your wine's aroma, texture, and flavor
  • The rubber stopper is tapered and ribbed to create a leak-free seal and the ergonomic spout makes for an easy drip free pour.
  • Beautiful and elegant design guaranteed to impress
  • Ergonomic design and Easy disassembled make it easy to use and even easier to clean
  • Made of high quality FDA approved materials, use safety, exquisite packaging and is the perfect gift for wine and liquor lovers.

Happy Hour Wine Aerator Decanter bring the BEST out of your wine every time you pour! To clean, simply twist the acrylic spout to detach it from the flow regulator and rinse all pieces with warm water. No more build-up of gunk in your aerator!

Lifetime satisfaction guarantee!

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy! 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Happy Hour Wine Aerator Decanter is available at a low promotional price for a limited time only!
Don't miss out on this opportunity, Click the Add to Cart Button Now!
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Chillz Wine Aerator Decanter - Multi Stage Design with Stand - Gift Set Makes the Best Bar Tool Accessory
Brand: The Classic Kitchen
EAN: 0638458970271
Sales Rank: 24941
Price: $14.95 (new)
Enhance the taste and aroma of your red wine in seconds.

"When the party starts, my friends can enjoy mellow wines right away."

The Chillz 3 Stage Wine Aerator Decanter Set will fully oxygenate wine bringing it to full flavor and aroma instantly.The wine goes through an umbrella shaped aerator for the wine to spread out and touch more air. Next, there are 32 holes that separate the wine again. Lastly, it goes through an air tube, bringing air in more air. This produces a quality glass of wine.

Simply the best wine aerator decanter that is mess free and stores easily too!

Main Features:
• Triple aeration system
• Wide opening for easy pouring
• Deep chamber prevents overflow
• Durable construction
• Easy to clean (hand-wash only)
• Stores easily on aerator base

Main Benefits:
• Enhances wine's flavor and aroma in less time
• Flow divider system infuses wine with the optimal amount of oxygen
• Double the value of your wine by simply pouring a glass
• Quality, FDA approved materials
• Elegant design
• Mess-free

Look no further! The Chillz 3 Stage Wine Aerator Decanter is clearly the best choice with its risk-free guarantee with proof of purchase.

ACT NOW WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! Buy your CHILLZ Instant Wine Aerator Pourer today by clicking the ADD TO CART button. These make perfect gifts, so even BUY SOME TO ALWAYS HAVE ONE FOR THAT WINE-LOVING FRIEND! Check out our current sale!

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Clear Thick Glass Slanted Wine Decanter with Punt, 43-Ounce (1.27 Litter)
Brand: Zeesline
EAN: 0011711396696
Sales Rank: 97047
Price: $21.69 (new)
This wine decanter is designed with one single purpose, to enhance your wine experience. The punted base aids in wine aeration, while also serving as a handle. The sleek slanted spout ensures easy and elegant pouring. Made of lead free crystal and mouth blown to its perfect shape, the minimalist design of this fine crystal wine decanter gives an exquisite modern flair to it that will truly enhance a home bar or a table setting.
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Peugeot 230012 Ibis Magnum 1.5 Liter Decanter
Brand: Peugeot
EAN: 4006950230012
Sales Rank: 231097
Price: $71.83 (new)
Made of hand-blown glass with a narrow mouth, this decanter is used to decant white wines, and mature red wines with complex aromas. Users may want to use a decanting funnel with this decanter. Its glass stopper minimizes air exposure. Capacity is appropriate for a magnum 1.5L bottle of wine.
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Ravenscroft Crystal Excaliber Magnum Decanter
Brand: Ravenscroft Crystal
EAN: 0871661000643
Sales Rank: 220546
Price: $66.99 (new)
The Ravenscroft Excalibur Magnum carafe is the classic captain's and vintner's shape, with a full 80oz capacity to hold two full 750ml bottles of wine with plenty of space for the wine to breath.
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New DRENCH SHIV-R Kitchen Grade Vacuum Insulated Double Wall Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw Compatible Lid, Seamless Antibacterial Design for Hot & Cold Liquids 30 oz
EAN: 0685349933853
Sales Rank: 19694
Price: $23.99 (new)

Savor your favorite hot or cold beverages on the go, at your own pace! This stylish insulated tumbler retains the temperature of its contents for hours on end.

Tired of travel mugs that don't keep your hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold? The DRENCH SHIV-R Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler solves this dilemma once and for all! Featuring durable double walled construction and a BPA-free plastic lid, our mug retains the temperature of its contents MUCH LONGER than single walled tumblers! Use it to transport everything from coffee, tea & soup to sports drinks, juice, and even beer & cocktails!

Why is our tumbler different? Beyond rugged materials that stand up to daily use & abuse, its innovative design eliminates the typical inner seam that leads to nasty bacteria buildup. And finally, the DRENCH SHIV-R Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler simply looks great! It has a sleek, polished silver finish as well as a high-quality embossed logo instead of stickers that can fade or peel off over time.

Larger capacity than other brands (30 oz)
Solid stainless steel construction
Double walled for superior insulation
No-seam design resists bacteria buildup
Bpa free lid included (straw not included)
Sweat-resistant finish enhances grip
Versatile uses
A Veteran Owned Company
Check out our DRENCH SHiV-R ACCESSORY BUNDLE for sale on Amazon

Click 'Add to Cart' to buy now!

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BARkeepa TANKard 30 oz Vacuum Insulated Double Walled Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler
Brand: BARkeepa
ASIN: B019634D1I
EAN: 0715727132551
Sales Rank: 34239
Price: $22.95 (new), $18.68 (used)
Have you ever dreamed of a time where you could keep your drink at the perfect temperature without ruining the taste with melted ice or leaching chemicals and toxins from low-grade materials? **Step up to the high tech BARkeepa TANKard** The TANKard Tumbler Provides a Superior Solution with a Lifetime Guarantee *Cold or Hot beverages stay at the perfect temperature for hours longer than low-grade tumblers. The premium grade 18/8 stainless steel structure is double-walled and vacuum insulated meaning the BARkeepa TANKard will keep your beverage ice-cold and your coffee or tea hot for hours with no condensation. *The double wall design keeps the outside of the cup at room temperature, so you will never burn or freeze your hands again! Sweat free design so no water marks are left on your grandma's table. *The crystal clear lid allows easy flowing drinking with room for a straw. The secure seal helps prevent spills. *Durable premium grade stainless steel inside and out means there is no metallic or plastic after taste, even when the TANKard gets hot. Meaning no toxic chemicals will end up in your drink. Save Money Protect the Environment with NO Waste. *Millions of plastic water bottles are used every day in the United States. *Switching to the TANKard for all of your beverages saves you money while protecting the environment. A portion of every purchase from BARkeepa will be donated to a charity that fights for sustainability and a greener world. Trivia! What is a TANKard Tumbler? A large cup without a handle that is tougher than you. Enjoy your BARkeepa TANKard Tumbler with confidence for a long time with a lifetime warranty. **Click "Add To Cart" and get yours now**
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